We Can Target Your Customers… Using PrimeLocation & Scarborough Research

Utilizing PrimeLocation, the leading supplier of local area demographics, we can provide detailed reports and maps, such as income, population, households with children, retail sales potential and lifestyle data for any state, county or ZIP code in the United States.

Scarborough Research is a syndicated, local market, multimedia, qualitative audience survey covering radio, radio dayparts, television channels viewed in total and by dayparts, television newscast viewing, cable TV channel viewing, daily newspapers and other local and regional print publications. Scarborough Research covers an extensive array of demographic, socioeconomic and consumer shopping information. This consumer information can be used to analyze the quality of each media audience as well as define the composition of each consumer-shopping category covered in the survey.

For more information about PrimeLocation and/or Scarborough Research, please contact:

James Rosenfeld
Group Project Manager