Interested in Advertising?


Do You Own a Business? Are you interested in advertising in one our local editions of The Hometown Shopper? Newsday Media Group offers many cost-effective advertising campaigns to fit every business size and budget.

For further information please contact your local account executive at 631-843-2500 (Display Sales).


Our Classifieds Get Results! Would you like to advertise in our classified section? You can advertise with a brief 4 line ad, or a classified directory box ad. We offer many categories in our classified sections, ie.:

  • Employment
  • Announcements
  • Automotive
  • Camps
  • Commercial/Industrial Prop
  • Financial
  • Garage Sales
  • Home Services
  • Marine
  • Merchandise
  • Parents Place
  • Party & Entertainment
  • Pets/Livestock
  • Professional/Business Svc
  • Real Estate


For further information please contact your classified account executive at 631-843-4050 (Nassau & Suffolk).